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Default Port Address Translation (PAT)...

Yes, I know it's all over the fourms already (too bad I didn't read them before I ponied up my $180) but I just want to take a minute to make a comment about the lack of PAT on the WNDR3700...


This is basic functionality that my 7-year-old $40 Linksys router can do. I spent an hour and fifteen minutes on the phone with some guy in India before he finally told me that what I wanted to do wasn't possible and this is after he walked me through the various stages of setup to make sure my router was working to the internet properly which, as I told him when he answered, it was working fine.

All I want is to be able to SSH in to 3 different computers (hell, two of them are NAS's) from work. I can't even accomplish a simple task such as that.

Now look, I understand you want product segmentation. You can have it. Deny the feature for the cheap $30-60 routers all you want. But when you're talking about a $200 prosumer router, this is a feature that has to be in it.

Excuse me while I go to Best Buy and get my $180 back. I should bill Netgear my hourly rate for the 1:15 I had to be on the phone with the nitwit in India.
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Default Re: Port Address Translation (PAT)...

Itís one of the reasons I donít use any of my Netgear routers as routers, they only get to be access points for me. If it really is done to differentiate between their business grade and home grade routers (and Iím not 100% sure it is) then of course for some people it differentiates between buying Netgear and not buying Netgear.
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Default Re: Port Address Translation (PAT)...

PAT issue is well discussed... you will not find in netgear home end routers.
ONLY with business class, ProSafe/Prosecure routers.

no sure the road map on PAT type of support but out of all the thing are missing , PAT support will be not a bad idea for netgear to addon home end routers.
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