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Default WGR614v9 Wireless Signal Not Transmitting

I have a WGR614v9 connected to a Netgear modem currently. Earlier today, (in the middle of downloading a file and leaving the computer on) the wireless network was no longer discoverable by any of my computers, and hence could not connect to the wireless network.

I first tried restarting the router multiple times, which did not resolve the issue. After this, I connected a physical cable to the ethernet port, which is working as normal, with full internet access and router settings access. Next, I attempted updating the firmware, which did not work. I next reset erased all router settings and restored to factory default. There is still no wireless signal from the router.

The power light, wireless signal light, internet light, and first LAN port light (where my computer is plugged in) are lit green.

I can't find the cause of the issue! Absolutely everything works except that just no wireless signal is being transmitted from the router. Is this it for my router of <1 year?!
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Default Re: WGR614v9 Wireless Signal Not Transmitting

Have you checked that wireless is still enabled in the router settings (it won’t be following a factory reset)? Some routers use a plug in wireless card internally and these have been known to come loose from the socket, especially if the router is dropped or knocked.
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Default Re: WGR614v9 Wireless Signal Not Transmitting

you may want to check your power supply.

seems you have reset and setup wireless afterwards and still not able to see the SSID. since you were able to use before so I expect you know how to setup wireless in the router gui

faulty power supply can stop the wireless portion so I would check/replace and if that helps
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