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Default Amber/Green LED Ethernet lights

The 1 thru 4 LED display panel lights for my Ethernet connections are green when connected to a Windows 7 PC and amber when connected to a PC with Windows XP. The manual says nothing about the possibility that these lights could display different colors. I assume the different colors means something. Another Ethernet port is connected to an internet wifi radio and it displays an amber light. The final Ethernet port connects to a Sherwood AV/Receiver and it displays amber also.

Does anyone know what the different colors designate?
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Default Re: Amber/Green LED Ethernet lights

green gigabit
amber 100base-t
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Default Re: Amber/Green LED Ethernet lights

Table 1, page 3 & 4 of the Setup Manual.

It is a bit silly not having the same information on the User Manual though.
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