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Default WNR2000 - slow upload speed

Hi guys,

I'm having some issues with my wnr2000, specially regarding upload speed.

I'll try to explain;

I have a cable connection with 3500kbps down and 1000kbps upload speed.

I have one desktop wired and one laptop wireless on the network. I also have an IP Phone (VoIP) connected with an own router.

Connection is as followed:

MODEM -- IPphoneROUTER --WNR2000

I tried connecting WNR2000 directly to MODEM first, and then IPphoneROUTER to WNR2000, but this resulted that i couldn't phone out.

The problem now is that upload speed on wireless on laptop is very small, around 150kbps. When I wire the laptop directly to modem, then upload is as it should be, cca 1000kbps. The problem therefore must be with the router (?)

I have also upgraded firmware on WNR2000 to the latest.

Any ides?

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