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Default N150 Router forwarding issue.

I have few machines that are behind the router. From the internet, I want to provide different services that run on different machine.
e.g. Public IP XX.XX.XX.XX: Public port 80 --> Private Port 8000
Public IP XX.XX.XX.XX: Public port 90 --> Private Port 9000

How do I do it ?
The port forwarding UI has the following fields. And here is my understanding.. is that right ? I do not see place to provide private port numbers.

Service Name : Some name
Start Port : Public port
End Port : Public port
Server IP Address : Private server

Thanks in advance.
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Default Re: N150 Router forwarding issue.

Netgear home grade routers do not support Port Address Translation or Port Redirection which is what you are after, some third party firmware may do so if your router has third party firmware support.
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