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Arrow Any way to BOOST an Existing NETGEAR Wireless signal?

Hi, all!
I just moved into a condo where my Wifi-carded/Built-in WiFi PCs and Laptops detected an OPEN Netgear connection. (Strength varies about 60-85% depending on where I am inside the condo.)
Now, before anyone accuses me of Stealing, I already knocked on neighbor's doors until I found the source, who Assured me it was ok. I told him I am using ZoneAlarm as a protection precaution.(And I am. As well as Suggesting the Same also.)
What I want to know is if Netgear has a Repeater/Access Point, etc., which can somehow BOOST the signal(s) on My end without a Physical wired connection?
Any suggestions or assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You in advance...
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Default Re: Any way to BOOST an Existing NETGEAR Wireless signal?

It all depends on the source of the broadcast. If the WLAN source is a wireless radio on a Netgear business class router, than an antenna upgrade on the router can increase the range. However, if the WLAN source is a Netgear access point, than another access point (perferably of the same model) can be added to the network, by utilizing WDS, as a repearter or bridge.

To directly answer your question. . . there is nothing that can be done at your end (the client) to increase the coverage area of a WLAN.
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