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Default Attach WGR614 to RP614


I hope you can help me with my router problem. Would be very appreciated!

I have my cable modem in the lower ground floor connected to a Netgear RP614. This RP614 is then wired to a room 1 and a room 2. In both rooms I have ethernet sockets RJ45 installed.
In room 1 I need to connect a laptop with cable to the socket but in room 2 I want to connect the Netgear WiFi router WGR614 (I also have third room with a streaming device installed and connected to ethernet socket). This means that I want to distribute the signal through my house using a wires and WiFi.

I have set Netgear RP614 to DHCP, which is fine but I have not really a clou how I have to configure the WiFi router to work as a bridge and to connect to the wired router in the cellar. I have no idea what I have to do and where I have to set the right addresses. I assume that I have to change some of the basic settings.

Any ideas??

Thank you very much!!


I have some jpg explaining it better but I can't find the upload button...??!!
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