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Default Wireless connection is causing frequent lag spikes on wired connections.

This is my setup:

(old) linksys WRT54GS
(new) Netgear n600 3700

Iphone (wireless)
PS3 (wired)
My windows 7 desktop (wired)
Brothers windows XP desktop (wired)
Slingbox (wired)
My brothers windoes 7 laptop (wireless)

This is a month long problem that I've yet to fix. I've been getting these frequent lag spikes (bumps my ping up to 300-700ms) in games like Dota and League of legends. At first I though my brother was taking up all the bandwidth via uploading but even after hes closed his download/upload clients the spikes still occurred. These lag spikes occur on both my and my brother's desktop, so I'm pretty sure it's not our desktops.

Then I tried connecting directly to the modem with my cat6 cord, and everything works like it should with NO lag spikes. I tried the same thing on my brother's desktop and also had no lagspikes.

So naturally I figured that my old linksys wrt54gl was the culprit and bought a new (and good) router. We set it up and the lag spikes STILL happen when all the wired and wireless connections are active. I then unplug all the wired connections except for my desktop and nothing changes. Just now, I went to my router settings and shutoff the wireless G connection (we don't have a wireless N connection). After hours of testing, I've found that there were no lag spikes after the wireless had been turned off on the router.

My brother's room is too far to get a ethernet cable for so I'm wondering what I can do to get no lagspikes while having both wired and wireless connections active.

I also checked the bandwitdh monitor during the spikes and our bandwitdh isn't even close to the limit (1500kbps down).

Why is it that the wireless connections are causing the wired connections to have lag spikes?
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