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Default Compatible problems of wg103

I had purchased a netgear wg103 and it was once working perfectly. In order to remove the network cable placed on the floor, I bought a TP-Link wireless PCI adapter however it only worked without having any encryption enabled.
The method I often choose is WPA2(AES).At that time, I noticed that the firmware of my wg103 is '2.0' and called customer service of netgear china department. With the help from the warm-hearted engineer, I have my wg103 firmware updated to "WG103_2.0.31"(so called a pre-released beta version), that means from "2.0" to "2.0.31". Then the problem was solved.

Yesterday I bought a netgear wg511v2, it is hard to believe that products from netgear could be uncompatible. The trouble is quite the same: Turnning off wireless encryption will establish the connection quickly and stablely, or getting a untransmitable 'connection' of '1Mbps'.

Additionally, the wg511v2 can connect to a huawei WiFi product with WPA2(AES) turned on, of course, being able to access the Internet.

To solve the problem, I downloaded a firmware entitled WG103_V2.0.25 and loaded it in, I suppose that there would be no more vaild connect between netgear AP and tp-link PCI adapter. But I was wrong, the wg511v2 is still unable to connect, while the TP-Link is still available.

I have called netgear china department and they said they would contact me if any solution is found, but I need experienced engineers here helping me to make it work.

netgear sincere customer, sherry2011
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