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Default WNDR 3400 Problem

I have an issue with a new n600 wireless router.

Okay when I first got the router it tried to update firmware, but the system froze during it. Killing my brand new router.

I replaced it with a new one, but the old one had two new networks created before it was returned. This happened when I tried changing SSID's.

Now the issue is even with a new router
I still see the old router SSID's showing up eventhough I erased them in windows 7 manage my wireless networks. This means that the replacement router is broadcasting two open networks that at one point were connected to my pc before I exchanged the failed router due to failed firmware update.

It really bugs me that I can't destroy those open network names eventhough I changed routers totally. If the router isn't there, then why are they still active and showing up???

I want to know how to erase those two unused networks ASAP
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Default Re: WNDR 3400 Problem

is this SSID name unique name or default SSID name?
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Default Re: WNDR 3400 Problem

Make sure you have setup a unique SSID on your router - to avoid conflict with other netgear router setup by your neighbor.

And then, you need to Delete everything on the Wireless Network Profile and then reconnect only to your unique SSID.

Here's a good guide on how to delete the wireless network profiles:

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