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Default How to increase my mbps?

Hi I have a RangeMax Dual Band Router (model DGND3300v2) and have it setup with att. I have been looking at other comments from other people with the same router and they are getting anywhere from 15mbps to 40+ mbps, maybe more, but i am only getting 2.55Mbps using speedtest. How do I get anywhere close to what other people are getting? Any info would help, thanks!
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Default Re: How to increase my mbps?

Have a chat with your ISP and pony up for a faster connection.

Alternatively - start defining where you're measuring the speed - SpeedTest measures the speed of your broadband connection, so the only you'll speed that up is by getting a faster one - the 15 & 40+ mbps that other folks are reporting probably refers to wireless transfers.
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Default Re: How to increase my mbps?

+1 to fordem

speedtests are inaccurate and depend on too many factors, best to check your modem stats and test downloaded files with fast servers eg microsoft
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