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Default Modem ramdom reboots with WNDR3700 and Ooma Telo device

Hello everyone;

I have a WNDR3700 along with a Motorola SB6120 modem and have been running it with no problems for over a year, however last week I bought an Ooma Telo VoIP device so I can have affordable phone service at home, however ever since installing it I have been experiencing a weird problem, I have been experiencing random modem reboots/resets or whatever you wish to call it.

It usually happens after the computer has been in standby mode, or when it has been in hibernation and then I wake it up and then Open Internet Explorer, immediately I notice my SB6120 Modem reboots,the 'Receive' light which is usually blue turns green and then my speeds are very low. I'm clueless as to what might be wrong, It does not happen when I turn off then back on any other devices, ONLY when I reboot or wake my Desktop which is connected directly to the router via an ethernet cable, Maybe there's an IP conflict or something?

I have removed the static IPs that I had reserved for the Telo device and for my PC in case that might be conflicting and I have reset the modem to defaults (so it re-learns all its settings) and still the problem persists.

On the Ooma site they recommend you setup this device between the cable modem and the router, but I don't like that setup cause I think it might slow down my internet (I'm afraid it could affect my DOCSIS 3.0 Speeds) so I have it setup like many other people as in Modem==>Router==>Ooma Telo.

At this point I'm not even sure the whole reboot issue is related to the Telo or not

I use the address reservation feature on the router's LAN page, here's some screenshots of the modem's error logs and signal page along with my router's IP reservation configuration page.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Default Re: Modem ramdom reboots with WNDR3700 and Ooma Telo device

I have Ooma and with the help of the forum had my telo/computer working great with my NetGear G. Yesterday I bought a WNR3500L, and now my calls are breaking in and out.

With your settings, do you have good voice quality--I'm breaking in and out/callers.

I have modem/router/Ooma. With my Wireless G I had DMZ set and static IP. When I got my new router, everything is back to defaults. I hate to tackle all this again

Is there a post on the forum that covers this? I've all day yesterday just trying to get my wireless set up and Ooma working.
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