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Default MCA1001 continually resets itself

I recently purchased a pair of Netgear MCA1001 COAX units in hopes of using these along with the Actiontec MI424WR MoCa router I have from my FiOS server.

The MCA1001's are able to see and connect to the Actiontec MI424WR without any user configuration and speeds seem adequate.

However, the MCA1001's (and I've tried both) reset themselves every 20 seconds or so. With the MCA1001 configuration utility I was able to verify that my MCA1001 are using the latest firmware ( so I'm not sure where to do from here.

Both of these MCA1001 units both display this reset behavior even when hooked up to my laptop via CAT 5 and the COAX is not connected.

Help please.

Thank you
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Default Re: MCA1001 continually resets itself

Try another power supply unit. If PSU OK, then unit seems to malfunction.
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