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Default Setting up N150 Wireless Router - problem!!

I need help please with setting up my Netgear N150 wireless router on my new computer on windows 7. I’m not sure if the problem is with the router settings or the network settings on the pc. The internet is fine, because when I put the cable from the modem straight into the back of the computer it works… that’s how I’m writing this now.

I’ve got a connection where the broadband internet goes to a modem which is connected to the WAN port on this router, then a cable from one of the 4 LAN ports to the back of the computer which should then give wireless to the whole house. I went to routerlogin.net and put the settings to the same as how they were working on my last pc which had xp(by running the setup wizard, it detecting that I have a Static IP, applying all settings and then finally changing the MAC address to Use computer MAC address. On the old computer this worked fine, but now this provides the LAN which the laptops and ipods can connect to, but not the internet.

In the network and sharing centre I click setup a new connection or network – then click connect to internet (if I click setup a network my router doesn’t appear there within 90secs) – Broadband using DSL then set it up but it comes back with “connection failed with Error 651”. I set up connection anyway.

From “change adapter settings”, I can see I have the local area connection and the failed disconnected internet I just tried setting up. From various Google searches I’ve done I followed advice… on the connections I have gone to properties – networking – internet protocol version 4 – properties and used the preferred and alternative DNS servers as and respectively and it has still not worked. I’ve then also changed the router settings to the same DNS servers as these, played around with the default mac address etc, restarted lots of times, turned off firewalls, and still no luck.

When doing troubleshooting it says ‘Your computer appears to be correctly configured, but the device or resource (DNS server) is not responding’ or ‘windows can’t communicate with the device or resource (primary DNS server)’. Any Google search I do tells me to changes the DNS to the ones I have so I’ve got no idea what to do next. Can anybody please advise?
I am by no means an expert user, but when going on to routerlogin.net there seems to be an internet connection because it still tries to do the firmwire update, and when I re-do the setup wizard it says are you sure… you already have valid internet connection!! But I cannot get to it either on pc or wireless device, please help!!

Many Thanks in advance
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Default Re: Setting up N150 Wireless Router - problem!!

Should be simple install

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Default Re: Setting up N150 Wireless Router - problem!!

Thanks for the response.

For anyone else who gets this problem it was actually an easy fix, just a reset...

Simply reset the router (usually there is a pinhole for this)
then connect modem to router WAN port, and router LAN port to your PC ethernet socket.
Switch everything off.
Then power up the modem, wait until lights settle,
next power up the router, wait until lights settle,
then boot up PC
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Default Re: Setting up N150 Wireless Router - problem!!


You can find the NETGEAR router reset button on the back of the router. You need to hold the reset button for ten seconds and release it. The router would reboot and the factory settings would be reloaded. If the router does not reset even after following the above steps, you need to disconnect the power from the router, hold the reset button and connect the power while the reset button is held down. Hold the reset button for some seconds and the NETGEAR router settings would reset to defaults.
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