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Default SAMSUNG TV IP address

I can;t get my router to give my SAMSUNG TV a n IP address. Each time I have the T attempt automatic set up it fails. I've check the cable and it works on my laptop and Dishnetwork receiver but not the TV. It worked well before I moved and had CABLE internet, but now that I have DSL it's a NOGO.

any ideas? BTW I updated the router's firmware as suggest in another thread.
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Default Re: SAMSUNG TV IP address

The same TV and router worked with cable internet but will not with DSL? The chances of the problem being related to the change in broadband service is slim to nil.

What router are you using? I would suggest you make sure that it is properly setup - ie - the different cables are plugged into the right sockets.
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Default Re: SAMSUNG TV IP address

lately TV and player to router seems a quite challenge

try setup static IP on TV side and test it out. also for DNS setting on TV, use ISP DNS as well if DNS using router's IP did not work as well
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