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Default Using WPN824v2 as Access Point Only

My network at home is fully wired but I have several laptops that I'd like to use wirelessly as well as a new Wi-Fi Epson Workcenter 840 printer that I want to have network access to from all computers. I have Hughesnet as my ISP and that is a self hosting modem that handles DHCP. I had thought all I needed to do is set the router for a static IP address and say no to DHCP assignment but that doesn't seem to work. I have had this working for the laptops previously but had to reset the router as I could not find my router access information. Any suggestions other than wrinting down that information and filing it away?

At this point the router is reset.


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Default Re: Using WPN824v2 as Access Point Only

It depends on the environment you are in and what the risks are.

In fact, one of Netgear's KB articles that I read suggested that writing down the info and storing it away in a safe place isn't as risky as it may seem.

For myself, all my passwords and important info are written down in a book right next to my PC. That's because I've assessed my situation as to be of little or no risk.

So just use your own judgement.
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Default Re: Using WPN824v2 as Access Point Only

Hughes modem are doing simple router mode but also it can setup to pass public IP but you will need to purchase additional IP to do. I would look hughes manual or call hughues support

if you want quickest setup will be setup as wpn824 as an access point

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