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Default Stora Torrent - UP or DOWN?

I am having some difficulty with the torrent server in my stora. I am confused as to which is UP and which is DOWN?

I have uploaded a torrent file, (access to a short movie on isohunt which I want to now download and watch). I have begun the download but I am not sure what is UP and what is DOWNLOADING.

Does UP mean the movie file pieces are being uploaded to the stora so I should set it to the max unlimited setting to get the avi movie file as quickly as possible?

or is it a case that UP means the bits of the movie files I have obtained so far are being uploaded to other bit-torrent user at the max speed setting??

and vice cersa for the download button.

I am looking to download the movie as quickly as possible so I can watch it but to limit the access of any other bit-tottent clients so they get it at a restricted limit of say 100 kbs... so do I restrict the DOWN or UP limits..?

I am a bit confused as it appears to me that UP means uploading the movie to my stora... but I think of that as DOWNLOADING the movie for me to watch.

I would appreciate if someone can make this clear for me so I can get it right.

Many thanks and any help is greatly appreciated.
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