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Default Cant connect to router anymore?

Hey everybody, im kinda new to this so forgive me if i have a few questions alright i have a netgear N300 Wireless router and a motorola cable modem. Last night our internet shut off for a minuite so i went and hit the reset button on the modem...big mistake as it turns out i lost the CD for instalation. BY dad's computer still connects to the internet, but mine wont, and nether will my brothers, unless i plug it in directly with a spare ethernat cable, like im doing right now.

So my question is how do i get my computer to be the home computer, and to connect wirlessly again? Thanks for any help, and sorry if this is in the wrong section of the forums. Also i read a post about setting it up without CD, but the thread was closed so i couldnt ask my questions there.
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