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Default WNDA3100, windows XP, will not install drivers or recognize device

Installing WNDA3100 (driver version on Windows XP. I run the software and it gets to the point where it says to plug in the hardware and click next. It fails to install and I get a message saying to restart my computer and launch the install again. If I click OK the computer is restarted automatically.

On reboot, I get a bios message that the A: drive is invalid despite there being no A: drive on my computer. I skip that message and continue the boot. I launch the installer again. After inserting the hardware and clicking Next, I don't get the error again but the installer never comes back. However the smart wizard software is installed. If I try to run the smart wizard, it flashes up on the screen and disappears. Rerunning the installer software actually uninstalls the software. After uninstalling the subsequent installation process is the same as before.

In device manager I see under Other Devices an entry called Remote Download Wireless Adapter, both with the yellow question mark. If I try to upgrade the drivers for that connection and point it to the drivers directory installed by netgear, I get the message that "The hardware was not installed because the wizard cannot find the necessary software."

How can I get this adapter to work on my XP box? This adapter was previously installed on a Windows 7 machine and worked flawlessly.
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Default Re: WNDA3100, windows XP, will not install drivers or recognize device

if you have not delete the netgear program go to c:\program files\netgear.....

you will find driver folder, copy to elsewhere and uninstall it.

use that driver next time you reboot and install it
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