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Default Re: Which is better

Originally Posted by joedtrucker View Post
I guess I am a little confused, so any explanation would be fantastic.
1) Why does my link rate lower at different times "on net genie" while "speedtest results" remain the same?
Firget relying on Netgear's Genie for link rate or throughput. Not sure what you mean about "speedtest results".

2) Why does CNET's testing of the 3800 "On the 5GHz band, it averaged 89.6Mbps in close-range (15 feet) throughput tests and 74.7Mbps in long-range (100 feet) tests." under supposed office setting with walls and everything- seems inconsistent with what I am getting here at my humble home.
The operating environment conditions are different between your home and CNET's lab: building construction, furniture or other objects in the way of signal, other wireles signal interference, electrical devices that interfere, clients used (NIC adapter cards and shielding withing the clients to prevent signal interference), etc.
3) Does "video mode" activated effect streaming netflix. hulu etc..positively?
That's the hope - you will have stable and sufficient throughput going from the router to the client receiving the wireless data stream.
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