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Default ATT DSL Connect problem

I'm trying to use my DGND3700 on my att dsl to no avail. I've called in to tech support(17872312) and they were unable to get me online. The unit will sync up but can't get internet. The internet light goes green but I have an ! on my signal strength icon. Is there anyone out there that has a DGND3700 working on ATT DSL 3.0Meg. I have a DGND 3300V2 working flawless. I guess I should return the DGND 3700 but they say it should work on ATT DSL. Any help appreciated.
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Default Re: ATT DSL Connect problem

Mine is working on AT&T 6 Meg. It has NOT been free of issues but seems to be going reasonably well right now. I got mine up and running right out of the box -- with firmware V12. I could NOT get the firmware update to install from the admin screens but when I downloaded the upgrade (V17) to my PC I had no issue installing it from there. (You should get the one in the ZIP file.)

The biggest issue that I encountered was that the DGND3700 would not re-connect when the DSL was dropped. (I was also having an abundance of drops but believe that is an issue to resolve with AT&T -- I had that before I got the DGND3700.) So far, that issue remains. The DGND3700 re-connects sometimes (withing seconds) but not others. I'm still working to figure that out.

DSL disconnects, btw, are labelled as the "red light" problem here. Many people seem to encounter that with the DGND3700 and many others do not. Hopefully you can get started up and find that you do not.
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