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Default Firmware Upgrades for PS110

I have a PS110 which has been working well for many years. I want to reconfigure it, and researches on the internet identified a manual which desctibed the web admin interface. I have had my PS110 for years and the CD that came with it shows it is version 2.1, and I guess that this pre-dates the web interface. I see there are firmware upgrades available, and I guess I need to install these to get the web interface. I would really like to install the web interface as I use almost entirely Linux and not Windows.

The Model number is a PS11D....

1. Can this model be upgraded to offer the web interface?
2. How can I tell what firmware version I am currently running?
3. I have downloaded a file ps110v2_6025.bin from the support website which appears to be the latest firmware version available for the model number that I have. Is this the correct/latest version?
4. How do I perform the upgrade? Can it be performed from Linux, or must I use Windows7?

Thanks in advance.
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