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Default multiple range extenders?

is it possible to use multiple range extenders at the same time? I just bought an old house (built in 1940). my office with the router is far away from the other side of the house with my family room. i bought one WN2500RP and it does get it there but it's not great. Can I put another WN2500RP to extend it even more?
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Default Re: multiple range extenders?

In general I think each repeated link will halve the bandwidth. So if you have a second repeater repeating the first one, the signal could be strong but the throughput will be very small.
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Default Re: multiple range extenders?

First extender connects to main router will be at good performance for the wired devices to the extender.

"XXX_EXT" broadcast from your first extender for any any WIFI devices connecting to this will see dropping the half the performance. Therefore adding more behind will continue to drop the performance.

You will be better to looking at power line device
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