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Unhappy Unable to setup 802.11b router

I was given a wireless router that is several years old, maybe even 6, and I am having issues connecting it as a router. I do not need the wireless option, just the splitter function. I have Comcast's cable, and here is how I have been trying to set it up: First I power up the router then, using the modem that Comcast gave us, I intercepted the broadband wire (Ethernet wire?) that normally goes to the computer and plug it into the Ethernet hole in the 802.11b router, then using another Ethernet wire (through slot one) I run the internet back to the computer- essentially all that I am doing is just putting a bridge in between the modem and the computer. When I do this the computer does detect but does not want to use the connection, what up with that? Also the whole reason why I am jumping through hoops to do this is because (in slot 2 of the 802.11 router) I am trying to run another Ethernet wire to another computer. How can I do this ,does Comcast charge extra for what I am trying to do, should I just buy a $5 splitter.
Thanks for your help,

P.S. It is a MR314 model
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Default Re: Unable to setup 802.11b router

don't really make any sense..

MR is router and using just ethernet and no wirless seems valid to me. take ethernet out from cable modem to Internet Port of MR , and rest of the 1~4 ports hook up your PC.

you would need to power cycle (on/off) the cable modem BY ITSELF. then hard reset your router by hitting the reset button for @10sec BY ITSELF. after both are done then hook up the cable like said on above.

hooke up your PC and router by ethernet on 1~4 on port (don't matter what port, other than internet port). open browser , should start negear smart wizzard, if don't try routerlogin.net or,

user: admin
pass: password.

should easy..
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Default Re: Unable to setup 802.11b router

The default password on the MR314 is 1234.
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