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Default Set-up probs w/ WNDR 3700, Plex Media Server and Roku

I have a Roku n1000, and have added Plex. On my laptop, I have downloaded PMS and am having trouble connecting to my movies. My network runs off a Netgear WNDR3700 router, set up for readyDLNA. A hard drive is attached via USB to the router.

- Where do I try to connect to my existing media server? On the laptop using PMS? Or on the Roku, and if so do I need to do this manually?
- If I need to do this manually, what do I enter? readyDNLA: WNDR3700? readyshare? readyshare/usb_storage? readyshare.routerlogin.net/shares?
- Should I have "Enable Media Server" checked on the router's Media Server settings? What about "Enable TiVo Support"?

I was able to do this once, using the Windows DLNA beta, but I didn't like the way it loaded - and it seemed that the Plex on the Roku was having a problem connecting with the movies... so I deleted the libraries via PMS and then tried to reload them. That's when my problems started. Whereas before I was able to get a bunch of other tv shows to display, now only eight movies are showing - and only on the PMS, not on the Roku.

I deleted the beta and downloaded the stable version - same story. Just those eight show on the laptop and nothing shows on the Roku.

All guidance and suggestions are appreciated.
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