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Default WC7520 and importing certificates?

Im trying to import a Certificate issued by a known CA. However there are some things i dont understand.

Under the Configuration -> Certificates menu, there are the following: "Password, Controller Key, Controller Certificate, CA Certificate". There is no good explanatory text.

I guess the "CA Certificate" is the Certificate i have gotten from my CA, but the others!?

For example, when installing a Cert in my mailserver i only need the cert-file i get from the CA, nothing else..

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Default Re: WC7520 and importing certificates?

I am also having a lot of issues with Certificates. I am having issues installing certificates onto the controller for use with a Radius Server.

I have tried many things to export a .pem file that the controller will accept, but I receive this error:

"Validation of Controller Key/Cert/CA Cert failed"

Is there a specific format or certificate requirement that this unit requires?
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