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Default WNR2000 v4 no wired connection

I picked up an N300 (WNR2000 v4) router about a week ago. It had been working perfectly fine until this weekend, and all the wired ports stopped working for some reason. It came with the V1.0.0.30 firmware and promptly asked me to upgrade to the V1.0.0.40 firmware as I was setting it up. The wireless still functions perfectly and provides much more bandwidth than the old WRTG54 I had been using prior to purchasing this modem.

The lights on the LAN ports show green for the three devices plugged in, and I can see the activity lights blinking away when I examine the NICs on the cable connected devices. When I check the LAN settings on the computers (Win XP, Mac 0S X, Win 8), though, they always seem to show disconnected or a 169.x.x.x address, so they clearly aren't getting a valid IP (192.x.x.x) from the router. Nothing is showing up underneath the 'Wired Devices' section of the Attach devices page either. The LAN settings have not been changed and the 'Use Router as DHCP Server' option is checked, so the wired devices aren't just lack an IP.

I've tried powercycling the modem several times, but that has not yielded anything. I tried manually assigning IP addresses to the laptops along with my normal DNS servers and the router as the Default Gateway, but I'm not even able to ping the router once set up. I followed the instructions to perform a factory reset on router when I had about 30 minutes or so to sit down and look at the problem. The router successfully reverted back to the factory settings for the SSID and passkey. That didn't do anything to fix the situation either. The wireless devices were still able to connect perfectly, so I changed the SSID and passkey back to my preferred settings.

Are there any other obvious steps I'm missing that aren't in the owners manual? Is there a similar option/switch to turn off the LAN ports like there is for the WLAN radio? I've done everything short of downgrading the firmware, which I don't even know if it's possible to do, to see if that will work. I might try that when I have a bit more spare time and can afford to lose the internet for a bit.
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Default Re: WNR2000 v4 no wired connection

factory default the router

see router reset on my sig below
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