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Default Block a specific user accessing facebook in LAN of WNDR4500 router


I have a teenager on Macbook whose access to Facebook in school terms has become a problem. I want to be able to block it off.
But I have other users who do not merit this - so it cannot be a univeral rule.
The OpenDNS options won't work. The Advanced Security options in Netgear Genie can't seem to get this granularity either.

The ideal is a setting that says "specifiec fixed internal ip addresss 192.?.?.? has Facebook.com domain blocked from browser or other means. Turn on/off?

Does this make sense?
Is there a way to do this?

BTW - seems I'm not alone. Maybe Netgear can add this capability to the Genie?

Many Thx,
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Default Re: Block a specific user accessing facebook in LAN of WNDR4500 router

WNDR4500 is NOT wired gateway. It is wireless N router.

belongs to http://forum1.netgear.com/forumdisplay.php?f=122
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