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Default WNDR4500 Slow Connection

Recently bought the WNDR4500 Router and the WNDA4100 Adapter and not seeing any impressive speeds.

I know you're never gonna get the maximum speed advertised when buying computer stuff, but I certainly expected better than 216Mbit/s, especially when Netgear promises speeds up to 450Mbit/s on both bands. When using the web-based genie I found settings for the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz band where the max speed was set to 217Mbit/s and it could be changed to 450Mbit/s, assuming I found what the problem was I changed it to 450Mbit/s and expected a decent increase in speed. No change, still stuck at 216Mbit/s.

Can't be the distance either, the router's placed just around the corner 2m from the adapter.

Any ideas?
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