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Default Genie software changes adapter's IP addressing from Auto to static - A Big Problem!

My IPv4 settings are set to: "Obtain an IP address Automatically" and "Obtain DNS server address Automatically". Connection works fine like this. However the next time I try to connect to our WiFi access point, I see that it shows connected but no internet access and a log-in attempt to the captive portal page on the access point fails. What I find causing the problem is that the Netgear A6200 adapter settings' IPv4 properties have changed to static addresses! I then have to change it back to "Obtain an IP address Automatically" to get my connection working again. I now have to do this every time. I am using the latest version of the driver as of last week and running Win7 Pro 32 bit. Our AP does not allow using the stale static address.

How do I get Genie to stop changing the adapter properties? That is supposed to be off limits.
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