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Default The server at is taking too long to respond.

Cliffnotes: I tried securing our repeater with a password and I seemed to have locked ourselves out instead. Anybody out there know how to rectify this? I can get to the regular router with no hassle, just not the repeater.

Tolksy: I have a Netgear wireless N router WNR834B V2 which I use as a repeater. I wanted to put a password on. I did (WPA) and all of the sudden I can't even get into, which was the IP for it. I can still access for my regular router though. Now all devices are locked out of the repeater and I can't get in at all anywhere. I unplugged and plugged in the repeater (rebooted) and tried to restore factory settings. Didn't help. routerlogin.net apparently no longer exists so I can't even go there. Any suggestions?
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